This Morning: Gemma Devenish “I gave up my autistic son”

by Antonia

“Gemma Devenish reveals why a call she made to Social Services, begging them to take her son into care, has filled her with a terrible guilt. Gemma had always longed for a big family and couldn’t wait to be a mother, and her dream came true when she gave birth to baby Niall. However, as Niall approached toddler-hood, he was diagnosed with Autism and severe learning difficulties, leaving Gemma struggling to cope with the strain it caused her and her family. Nine years ago, Gemma made a call to Social Services, begging them to take her son into care – something she says fills her heart with a guilt which will never go away. She joins us alongside Denise Robertson.”

There have been mixed responses as some people feel she did the right thing by her son and herself. However some people beg to differ as some parents who have children with Autism have criticized her decision to have her son taken into care. To get more information on Autism, visit The National Autistic Society.

Watch the full episode here and let me know what you think.