by Antonia

Young carers need to get their voices heard more and we’re getting there;)


As you’ll have seen if you read regularly, we are pleased that the Care and Support Bill recognises the importance of 7-12aacarers and getting them assessed, and ensuring they receive support. All of this is very welcome. The law as it stands is all over the place and confusing so the proposed consolidation will really help.

However  there are a couple of areas which we’re not so happy about. In law, children’s issues and adults’ issues are usually dealt with in different pieces of legislation.

This means that although the Care and Support Bill will improve things for the majority of carers in England, it leaves carers who are under 18 or who are parent carers in the same situation as they are now, except it will be even more confusing.

We can’t have a situation where some carers have greater rights than others – it’s unfair and it…

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