Carers UK Launch A Caring & Family Finances Inquiry

by Antonia

With sharp cuts and painful changes to the benefits system,  many Carers and their loved ones are increasingly getting worried. The Chief Executive for Carers UKHeléna Herklots on new finances inquiry;

“We will all care or need care at some point in our lives. The financial cost can push family finances to breaking point as they face the extra costs of ill-health and cut working hours or give up work to care. The financial support for carers currently isn’t enough to stop families falling into debt and financial hardship. Now, on top of this, families who are already struggling face a blizzard of cuts and changes to the benefits system. Our Inquiry will deliver a comprehensive picture of the impact of this growing pressure on family finances and deliver a verdict and recommendations on the impact of the Government’s benefit changes on carers.” 

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