Jourdan Dunn on Motherhood & Sickle Cell Anaemia

by Antonia


Jourdan is not only a world class beauty and model but she’s a mother of an adorable son called Riley. Vogue interviewed Jourdan where she talks about the moment she found out she was pregnant. “I found out I was pregnant at Heathrow Airport, on my way to a family holiday in Jamaica. I was 18. When I saw the result I didn’t know how to feel, I just knew I had to deal with the situation.”

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Jourdan and her boyfriend both had traits of Sickle Cell (click here—> for more info on inheritance of Sickle Cell Anaemia.) “I knew my boyfriend and I both had the trait for sickle-cell anaemia (a blood disorder), so there was a one-in-four chance the baby would have the disease, but I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, my baby wouldn’t be sick. Then the baby tested positive and it hit home. We have to monitor Riley carefully and make sure he takes his medicine if he gets ill. Sudden temperature changes or stress can trigger a crisis in him where he needs a blood transfusion.” Read further in Vogue


But with the right support system which includes her mum, other model mums and the Fashion industry she has been able to continue with her career. Whether you are a young carer, carer  who takes care of someone with Sickle Cell or you have Sickle Cell yourself things can get better with the right support system around you and making sure you have the  correct medication you may need.

For more information about Sickle Cell visit the Sickle Cell Society, which Jourdan supports to raise awareness. Also if you’re a young person with Sickle Cell visit Sickle Cell and Young Stroke Survivors they offer incredible services and activities all year round.

“The aim of the charity is to support to children, young people and their families affected by sickle cell disorders and childhood stroke in a holistic way.”

Watch the short film about Danny Nwosu & his denial of a lifechanging drug and his mother Carol the founder of the Charity Sickle Cell And Young Stroke Survivors. Follow @SCYSSInfo, @TheStrokeAssoc and @SickleCellUK