CCGs: a voyage into the commissioning unknown

by Antonia


Doctor checking blood pressure

The 1st April was for many of our local partners—carers’ centres and schemes who support hundreds of thousands of carers across England— approached with some trepidation.

In recent years Primary Care Trusts have had responsibility for commissioning services to support carers. Carers Trust and our local partners have worked hard—and pretty successfully I have to say—to make the case for supporting carers, explaining how putting comparatively small amounts of money in can really make the difference between carers being able to cope and maintain their health and wellbeing, or becoming ill or the caring role breaking down. If a carer is unable to keep caring, believe me, it costs a lot more.

Starting from scratch?

We’ve spent years documenting the evidence  showing how providing information and advice, breaks from caring, supportfor GPs to identify carers, and high quality replacement care can make a real difference, and in some areas…

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