Changes to the legal aid system: what carers need to know

by Antonia


Form filling

Guest post: Maia Lask from the Save Legal Aid Campaign tells us how changes to the legal aid system could affect carers’ benefits—and the importance of seeking help before the new tax year on 1st April.

On April Fools’ Day – April 1st – this year, there will be huge changes to the way the legal aid system operates. As of April 1st, legal aid will no longer be available for several areas of law, meaning that in these areas you will no longer be entitled to free legal advice. This means that if you cannot afford to pay for legal advice, and you have a legal problem, March is the time to seek help!

For carers and their families, one area that is particularly concerning is the removal of legal aid for benefits appeals. This means that from April, if you want to challenge a decision on benefit entitlement…

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