Travel: London Taxi Card/Freedom Pass/ Blue Badge

by Antonia

These following options  are for people with disabilities or as a young carer/carer you may not know these options are available. Making a journey  on your own or with a loved one that you care for can be mission at times, especially when you are trying to keep to time. Check out the following ways and see what suits you best.

  • “Taxicard is a scheme that provides subsidised transport for people who have serious mobility impairment and difficulty in using public transport. Taxicard holders make journeys in licensed London taxis and private hires vehicles, and the subsidy applies directly to each trip.” This is a great way to get around with your loved one as a young carer or carer you can come along as well. This is great for hospital appointments, shopping etc where your love one may need assistance. You can call to let them know the exact time you want the Taxi to pick you up, when you’re making a booking or give them a call when you’re ready to go home or to the next destination. Click here to apply for a Taxicardhow to use a Taxicard  and how to book for a Taxi.
  • A Freedom Pass (for older persons or disabled users) is used just like an Oyster card but when you tap in or out they will be no amount taken off as you will not need to top up. For more information on how to use a freedom pass click here , to see if you’re eligible for a pass click here and to apply click here.
  • A Blue Badge is to help you park your car closer to your destination, they are parking spaces especially  for Blue Badge owners. Click here to apply for a Blue Badge.

For more information please visit, there are many more options on the left side of the page.