Carers Allowance

by Antonia

If you missed the web chat with Steve McIntosh (Policy and Public Affairs Manager at Carers UK) which took place a couple of weeks ago, here is the full transcript.

“This time it’s with Oliver, Outreach Manager from the DWP’s Carers Allowance Unit. Oliver is coming along to answer your questions about how the allowance actually works – in terms of who’s eligible, what rules apply to it with regard to starting work, earnings capacity, stopping work, what to do if circumstances change, how to appeal decisions etc etc.
So, if you’ve got any questions about the allowance and you’d like the chance to ask a man who knows :)then please do come along to the chatroom on Thurs 11th April, 7.00-8.00pm. If you can’t make it and would like to submit a question in advance, for us to put to him, then please do post it here and we’ll try out best to get it answered.” –Carers Trust

To listen to the live chat or send in your questions, register here.