BUFF Presents – The Key

by Antonia


From an early age, Kyla Frye always knew that she would become a star. With an extensive portfolio of credits behind her, Kyla explores what it takes to become successful in the entertainment industry. In this short documentary, she meets other stars such as Aml Ameen in a bid to inspire and inform those hoping to ‘make it’! Watch the insightful documentary here.

Being a young carer can be time consuming and dreams and goals can feel far- fetched, but you have to believe in yourself and start taking the necessary towards your dream/education/career. Don’t rush your ideas and think “i have to do this, this and that??!!” all at the same time with your caring duties- take baby steps!! You can’t reach the top of the stairs unless you take the steps–step by step.

There is only so much you can do on your own, if you’re in school tell your teachers what is going on at home and see if you can get more time with homework/coursework or get extra help with revision. On the other hand if you’re an adult carer and thinking of going back education, work or just trying to figure out what to do- reach out to people even if it’s a family member or friend. Team work makes the dream WORK!

If you don’t feel comfortable telling people around you, you could contact your local carer centre and get the support you need. Check out Carers Trust’s website to find a Carers centre near you.

Trust and believe with the right people and consistent support around you,  it can make things a bit easier and will make your dreams more reachable…but it all starts with YOU! *Inhale…Exhale….Plan….Take your time…& Go for it! 🙂

In the documentary there are so many key points that will apply to anyone in any stage of their career/life,  like one of the women who shared their stories and advice says “Essentially THE KEY to success always lies within you, you’re going to have help, support and guidance from other people, from external forces.  But finding out who you are and where you want to in life and what drives you. You hold your KEY and then go out and find the doors your key will fit into.” –Kay Oldroyd FRSA- Founder & Director of Black Youth Achievements (BYA)