Carers News Catch Up:

by Antonia

Overwhelmed young carers face the same issues worldwide  The Guardian (28/6/13)

Nearly a third of carers not getting the support they need The Guardian (26/10/13)

Carer saves elderly woman she carers for from a burning flat BBC (27/10/13)

23 year old student creates a support group for young carers in East Lancashire Lancashire Telegraph (30/10/13)

Flexible working is great but carers should have rights too The Conversation (31/10/13)

Disabled people win living fund case against government BBC News (6/11/13)

Fixby mum & 24/7 carer becomes Ambassador of the Year for Carers Trust The Huddersfield Examiner (13/11/13)

Carers Day| 29th November ’13  Carers UK