“There to Care ” podcast

by Antonia

Victoria Lewin

Please spare a few minutes to check out this fabulous podcast  http://podium.me/podcast/there-to-care/

Young Carers talk about their caring role, discussing what it’s like to be a young carer and how the government cuts have affected their young carer’s project with limited funds affecting the level of support they can offer.

I know for a fact that this story is true in many young carer’s projects throughout the UK.

These children are a hidden army, doing an incredible job for which this country should be grateful; supporting them in any way possible… not cutting their funding!!

It’s a fact that carers in the UK save the government billions of pounds every year – the equivalent to what it costs to run the NHS! Young carers form part of that hidden army… and if we all turned around tomorrow and said “We’re putting ourselves first and we’re not caring…

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