How I feel about being a young carer tday :)

by Antonia


Life as a young carer has its pros and cons and its ups and downs. Today was a down day, a con. Today in the toilet at school, there were some boys mucking about with the light switch, flicking it on, off, on, off. In itself it’s harmless. Until they started mimicking someone with epilepsy having a seizure, laughing and saying ‘don’t I am epileptic’ and ‘hahaha you look like a right spaz doing that’. I washed my hands and walked out like nothing had happened, but on the inside I was upset and sort of angry.


My sister has both epilepsy and is a supposed ‘spaz’. She has spastic cerebral palsy. I don’t see the humour in her not being able to do the things that she would love to do but she is not able to due to her disability. Like hopping in puddles as she always…

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