Sandwiched between my rock and a hard place.

by Antonia

Also check Philippa Russell’s article on ‘sandwich caring’



Sandwich – Insert or squeeze (someone or something) between two other people or things, typically in a restricted space or so as to be uncomfortable.

So which am I? Someone or something? It is hard to tell sometimes. Not just because I feel invisible and all associated with that, but because being a thing is easier when sandwiched. Things don’t have emotions. Things don’t need their own time. Things don’t care.

Right then. I must be a person, I care. In fact I care for two generations making me the ‘Sandwich Carer’.

The title says it all really. It was a bit of a joke at first. The name assigned to people who love their family and stick together, like in the old days. That’s what I thought. What’s the big deal? It’s how we all used to live. Me that loves my history thought it would be a…

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