Stepford Lives

by Antonia

Carer with Attitude!

I’m beginning to feel that when feminism did away with the role of Fifties housewife, it just snuck around the back and rebranded itself as Family Carer.


Fifties housewives were not expected to work for money. They depended on the breadwinner instead. And they worked their socks off round the house with a smile on their face, responsible for everything and with power to change nothing but the family breakfast cereal.

You just have to look at the ads. The fifties housewife was clearly not on this earth to enjoy herself but to make life more comfortable for the rest of the family. Crikey, I’ve seen ads where the housewife was responsible for the B.O. that was preventing her husband’s promotion!

Now have a look at  the life of a family carer. You are expected to earn little or nothing. You are expected to live a life of less fun…

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