Care to strike? Virtually, of course

by Antonia

Carers PLEASE sign this asap!! Thank you 🙂

Carer with Attitude!

Letter to IDSJune 21st  – the longest day of the year – isn’t longer than any other day for us family carers. All days are long and samey when you’re caring round the clock without support or recognition.

But this year will be different.

After decades of overwork and appalling conditions,  on 21 June we Carers will be withdrawing our labour – virtually.  (And so, unlike a real strike our loved ones will stay alive and safe and protected. Which wouldn’t happen otherwise).

As well as signing, we are putting down the number of hours we’d work as an unpaid carer on 21 June. And we are totting up the total, and what it would cost to replace us – at minimum wage and agency costs. Because we’re worth a lot more to replace than the nothing/Carer’s Allowance they currently pay us..

Every signature will also generate an individual…

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