Young Carers Can… Rock!

by Antonia

The Bunker has young carers from ages of 11-13 to participate in a 10 week project. The project will introduce them to various instruments, learn about songwriting and write their own songs, form their own and band, record in the The Bunker’s recording studio and have the creative freedom of creating their album cover- yes they get to make an album, how awesome is that?!! Also at the end of the project they will get the opportunity to perform their songs 🙂

Claire Alderson, from the [Sunderland] Carer’s Centre said, “It’s a fantastic opportunity for the young people to have the opportunity to go to The Bunker and get involved with something they’ve never done before. For a lot of them, it’s their few hours of down-time a week, so engaging them in activities such as the rock school can be a lot of fun with their friends.”

Check here for more information on the project and the Sunderland Carers Centre.