In Car Parks and Carer’s Groups and on Dementia Sites – the people who notice

by Antonia

It is a hard thing to leave your babies for the first time for someone else to feed and put to sleep. Do you blow them a kiss and hope for the best or do you fill sides of file-paper with instructions and coloured headings?  You don’t want to be a nut, of course not. You don’t want to offend your “I brought up 5 kids I think I know what I’m doing” mother-in-law, no, you just do not. You don’t want to annoy anyone, ever, but here you are with your coloured pens and your “one more thing” and your desire to be breezy and laid-back is up against the fact that you’re finding it a hard thing. It’s a hard thing because you know this little baby inside and out and this particular one sleeps like this, and not like that. There are a few keys to…

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