Dad of a Diabetic-1st years experience

by Antonia

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So its the 4th of February and im publishing this blog that has been written and re-written for the best part of a week. Its my sons “dia-birthday”, “dia-versary”……
On the 4th of February 2013 my son went through a horrendous state, rushed into hospital with 8.0 stomach acid and 26mmol. He was poked and prodded with needles to find a vein as he was so pale and lifeless,His cry would barely resonate from his dry mouth. My worries and concerns were then doubled as we were told he is type a 1 diabetic. Honestly, i was heartbroken!
He was taken to his bed attached to a drip and kept being checked. He was so pale. The red was pretty much gone from his lips and replaced with a kind of pale beige colour. He was so thirsty he thought the drip was water and he was finding a little…

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