Rehab Blues

by Antonia

Caregiver 4 Grandma

image Grandma getting her nails done a few months ago, before the stroke.

While at rehab this week…..

One day this week I arrived at the rehab where my grandmother is staying. She said, “I am wet” (referring to she had wet herself). I said, “don’t worry, I will change you”. She said, “I’m really wet” and I replied ” it’s ok grandma I got it” and she said again, “no, I am soaked”.

I lifted the blanket and saw that in the bed was a pool of urine. She had urine up to her waist and down to her feet. I quickly realized that whoever had changed her last did not put a pad/diaper on her. So, throughout the day she was just sitting in her own urine.

Then one morning this week a nurse came in and took her blood pressure and heart rate. Her blood pressure was 95/36…

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