Guest Blog: The importance of appropriate housing for Carers & Cared For

by Antonia

Carer with Attitude!

hospital bedOnmybiketoo writes below about how the invisibility of and public amnesia about family carers adds an extra burden to carers’ and carees’ lives. If you thought that being a full-time family carer had dealt you enough blows, wait till you try to find an appropriate place to live. This is a problem that can be solved – if we really want to.


Many informal / unpaid Carers give up a lot of freedoms that many in society take for granted. Freedoms such as getting up when you plan to, going out when you want to, being you as an individual. Life’s timetable is driven by the needs of another person or persons.

Carers find themselves confined to where they live a great deal more than those without such responsibilities. Going out is such a logistical exercise, if you take your Caree, will they act in a socially acceptable…

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