Set & Costume Design with Bek

by Antonia

YCR Tiny Treasures


“I can work with a designer to create ideas surrounding set & costume design for our play.”

The Tiny Treasures project is quickly picking up momentum, backed by the enthusiasm of the Young Carers Revolution members and the professionals they are working with, its coming on leaps and bound.

This session found the YCR members working with Bek a Set & Costume Designer. Bek started her session by talking to the group about what it is she did and brought along some of her work to show the group. The group were interested to see the tiny sets that Bek had created and had plenty of questions for her about how she managed to do them, and how their play could be represented.


After talking to the group about the process she took she asked the group to create some mood boards focusing on young carers, the group came up…

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