Metaphors & Similies – Young Carer Experiences

by Antonia

YCR Tiny Treasures

  • Each star is different but we shine just as bright.
  • Running Out of Time
  • Its like being on a Hot Wheels track, its never ending.
  • Feeling like you’re living with your head in the clouds
  • Feeling like a chameleon, I blend into the background.
  • Our lives are a blank book, only we’re writing our stories as we go along
  • It can be a living hell
  • You’ve got to learn to dance in the rain before you can see the rainbow
  • Hidden in the dark without the moon to shine on you
  • Hidden like a treasureIMG_1976
  • Feel invisible like a ghost, I’m an unknown presence
  • A hidden carer is like a time capsule waiting to be dug up and found
  • Time is precious
  • Fighting the sands of time
  • Jack of all trades, a master of mumIMG_1977
  • Screaming with a megaphone but still unheard
  • Dropping/ carrying too many things – Rucksack with holes

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