Moments in Life Mark a New Season

by Antonia

michele muses


Some moments in life mark a new season: the first blossom, the first autumn leaf to fall, or the first conversation of a soon-to-be carer with an aging relative.

I was reminded of the latter recently as I watched two families I am close to dealing with the end-of-life journey of parents.

Having accompanied my own mother through memory loss and the medical maze, I can’t help thinking that we could deal with our parents’ end-of-life journey better by being prepared earlier.

And here’s a simple start. Get the right legal documents ready long before you need them. Here in Australia, each state is different. While having a Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney (financial and medical) may be standard, documents like Guardianship or an Advanced Health Directive may also be required.

And for the carer, find a place of reflection, a place to take time out. For me, the…

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