The light of recognition

by Antonia

Carers Lewisham

I recently asked all the staff and trustees to consider writing a guest blog article for me.

The following blog from our Chair of trustees, Zanne, had a profound effect on me. And clearly on her too.

You see, that lighbulb moment of recognising yourself as a carer is profound. For some, it is the moment when the past makes sense and your struggles have a name. For others, it is an overwhemling realisation of what you are doing, what you are facing and the changes this will bring.

Either way, it takes courage to step out of the shadows and into that light.






I have been Chair of Carer’s Lewisham for ten years and on the Management Committee for nineteen.

I have been involved professionally with carers issues for probably thirty years. 

However, this poem arose out of the briefest conversation with another Committee member…

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