Case Study: How Does Your Monday Compare To A Young Carer’s?

by Antonia

Stand Up For Care 2014

Liam is a 17 year old Young Carer who lives in Aberdeen. Liam cares for his mother who has been diagnosed with various mental health issues including depression and anxiety. Liam also provides childcare for his baby sister when his mother is unwell or at work.

Liam provides emotional support for his mother when her mood is low and helps by doing all of the domestic housework – he cooks for the whole family, cleans and more. Liam also makes sure that his mother remembers to pay the bills and that there is food in the house.

Liam’s caring role has had a massive impact upon his education. Although he got good marks in his Standard Grades he failed his Higher Grade exams and missed out on going onto College at the same time as his peers.

Liam has felt unable to look for work due to his caring commitments…

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