Sincere Sponsored Walk 2014!!

by Antonia


I know it’s been like forever since i’ve been here, my apologies i just have a lot going on at the moment. One of them being my Grandma passing away in December from complications from Diabetes and Stroke. She unfortunately passed away just a week before her birthday. So in honor of her i organized the Sincere Sponsored Walk 2014. If you haven’t already please visit  the Sincere’s Fundraising page to donate any amount 🙂

This is still difficult for me to process, as she was my only grandparent left and we had a lovely relationship. I was really looking forward to her birthday & Christmas but unfortunately did not get to have those moments with her. She was diagnosed with Diabetes several years ago and had a minor stroke couple of years later. But from then on she was getting better. I had plans to speak to her the day she passed away and thought i would speak to her later in the day as i ran some errands, but i never got a chance to (if you are thinking of doing something, do it as soon as possible or better still ‘now’- even if i spoke to her for 2 minutes i would have cherished that). I was still optimistic she would pull through as we thought her sugar level had gone high – but in fact it was another stroke.  Till this day i am still in disbelief!

Some of my other family members or family friends have Diabetes/heart conditions and/or a Stroke and it can be quite challenging to deal with. But with the right support, healthy diet, exercise and the right medications/insulin it does get a lot easier. Once you get hang of the routine and staying optimistic you will be on a roll. Carers, family members, friends who spend majority of their time taking care of a love one/s (yes some carers care for more than one person) with an illness as i discuss on this blog it’s draining, frustrating and a huge sacrifice but yet on the flip side rewarding because this is someone you love and care about.

All of this inspired me to raise awareness and funds for Diabetes UK, Stroke Association, The British Heart Foundation and Carers Trust. The Sincere Sponsored 10k Walk will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday 24th May. This is Sincere’s second fundraising event, find out more about the first event here.

We have been given AMAZING prizes for the raffle and lovely vouchers for the goody bags. I would love to get into details of what has been given but i want to keep it as a surprised for now (collective sigh from Team Sincere lol) but i’ll definitely update you after the event with pictures.  For now please check the following below of who have been so kind and generous. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to them all!!! : )


Boost Juice Bars

– Yo Sushi!

Curzon Cinemas





-Jewel Kiss

Ma Nubiah