To care and to be cared for

by Antonia

A Woman Alone

Today I met a rather wonderful woman from a local Carers charity. My son is on the autistic spectrum and I have chronic fatigue and other such stuff so she came to talk to me about what help is out there.
It is hard to accept that I am seen as a carer for my son and even harder that my children could be seen as my carers. In a family setting, a mum looking after her children is just how it is. Why should I be treated specially for having to look after my son? Being a registered carer means I am entitled to things that other mums are not. Hmmmmmm. It doesn’t seem quite right.
I think part of this comes from the attitude of grinning and bearing it. I am entitled to a break and some pampering as much as anyone but feel guilty when I get…

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