Find out what happened at the Sincere Sponsored Walk 2014…..

by Antonia

Hiiiii *waves* 🙂


I hope you had a lovely weekend, i can’t believe it’s been over a week since the walk. As you know the weather has not been great and and May 24th was no exception. Even though when it did rain we were lucky enough to be sheltered by the nearby cafes or the shopping centre. The night before i made 5 gift bags for the ladies which included leaflets, wristbands and T-shirts from the charities we were supporting (The Stroke Association, Carers Trust, The British Heart Foundation & Diabetes UK). I also included some of my favourite teas, badges, stickers, a voucher from Crussh and discount/ offers from YO! Sushi (see pictures below).

As we entered the park  we decided to take some pictures first before the walk, we took some pictures with the charity banners in front of the London Aquatics Centre. We then started our walk but not long till  it started raining and then we went into a close by cafe. I then thought we might aswell do the raffle while hoping the rain will eventually stop. Prizes won included;  vouchers from Boost Juice Bars UK and Cruush, jewellery from Jewel Kiss & L’aviye, Curzon cinema tickets and a 1 day juice cleanse from Fruveju. I forgot to take pictures of the prizes with the winners, but some pictures have been sent to me which you can check out below.

After the raffle we then had some delicious protein infused ice cream provided by Wheyhey! When we finished with that we then continued with our walk, finally!! While walking i spotted two swings the kid in me was extremely excited and luckily my friends were too with no shame we walked over and sat on the swings *covers face*. The swings could fit at least 3 people each, which was perfect for the six of us. After a while we then headed off and finished the walk and lil’ Miss sunshine decided to make an appearance!

As we were going back to have lunch i noticed half of my friends went missing lol, then i looked to my right and Yoo Moo were giving out free scoops of their frozen yogurt and my friends were not going to leave without some lool. We then had some lunch and then made our way home, all in all besides the weather the walk went well.

Check out some pictures from the Sincere Sponsored Walk 2014 below:)

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Also check out Linda E  talking about the walk starting at the 1hr 18min mark (thanks love) xx

Her show comes on every Saturdays on on Saturdays from 1pm – 3pm, make sure you tune in!

I want to thank my friends for coming out and supporting the charities with me and for all the donations given i am so grateful and humbled to have your support. Also a big THANK YOU to the the companies who contributed to the raffle draw & goodie bags!!! Find out more about them here (scroll down).

We have raised £320 so far, i am hoping by December (my Grandma’s 1 year anniversary and birthday month) we can reach the target of £800… you can still donate, thanks. xoxoxoxoxo