Caring beyond the cuddles….

by Antonia

Looking Beyond ...


Just about everyone who has ever met my mother says she is a ‘sweetie’.  She is delightful and no trouble at all.   I beg to differ.  My mother is not all sweetness and light.  She is 92, unable to walk and only able to stand for just a few seconds with support, her arthritic hands have taken away her ability to grip or pick things up, her hearing enables her to pick out only the fewest of words spoken by those fortunate enough to have a voice that resonates at the right frequency, and her sight is poor, very poor.  Now all this in itself does not exclude her from being delightful or a ‘sweetie’ but no trouble at all is about the last phrase I would use when describing  my dear mother.  The deterioration of her health excludes her from all of the activities that keep a person occupied and all she has left…

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