Friday 13th June| Young Carers Day

by Antonia

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“Schools, colleges (and everyone else!)

Be a part of something big:
The greatest ever drive to reach out to carers in the UK

For the first time during Carers Week, Friday 13th June will focus on raising the awareness and identification of young carers and the importance of supporting young people with caring responsibilities, especially in schools and colleges.

“The 2011 Census estimated there were 178,000 young carers, but other work suggests there are many more young carers than this.”

Being a young carer can seriously affect a pupil’s attendance, achievement and attainment at school, and many young carers report that they have dropped out of school in the past. Often however, schools are unaware that caring responsibilities are the root cause.

Raising awareness of the impact of caring and understanding how education providers can support young carers can help improve opportunities for young carers as they transition to adulthood. The Carers Week Quest provides the ideal opportunity for you to organise activities in your school or college.” Read more here please.