Two sides of a coin

by Antonia

Looking Beyond ...


After my last post, I felt it prudent to make this next entry more upbeat in order not to alienate my readers.  I speculated on which aspect of my forthcoming week of freedom that I would find to focus on and write about.  There were few plans for the week – unusual for me – making it a welcome space to spend time with my sons, enjoy the peace afforded by the now decreased activity of the builders, and take a deep breath before my first internship begins.

So when I was greeted home from an evening of singing early on in the week, with the news that my father had been readmitted to hospital after dialling 999, it quickly became clear that the week would be dominated by experiences similar to, but perhaps more intense, than those I had left behind and written so painfully about last week.  Early the next day, I was back on the road travelling North and reflecting on the possibility of viewing events…

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