Young carers need more than a week’s recognition!

by Antonia

Jack Petchey Foundation Blog

By Harry Shepherd

Caring has been, is presently and always will be a part of normal life. Whether the reasons are physical or emotional, people will always require the help of others to live their lives. Naturally the responsibility of caring for someone often falls to a close relative – with young people often obliged to take on responsibilities equated to those of a full-time, professionally trained aide.

Approximately a quarter of a million young people under the age of 20 are carers, with around 10% under the age of 10. The impact this has on their academic and career prospects is colossal. More importantly carers, both old and young, often suffer physically and emotionally themselves as a result of caring for other family members. A survey found that 80% of carers across the country reported caring had a negative impact on their health. A reduction of exercise, an…

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