Healing Words

by Antonia

Carers Lewisham

A little bird told me that one of our volunteers was a published writer, so I approached the lovely Barbara to see if she would be willing to let me use some of her poems in our blog.

In four poignant poems, Barbara has encapsulated the feelings of many carers – the isolation, the uncertainty, the loss of control and the complete change in lifestyle that is required by many carers.

However, Barbara quickly pointed out that although these particular poems are heart-wrenching, they are actually a hugely positive part of her life and of her caring role.

“Writing poetry helped me to express my feelings about the caring situation and somehow have some kind of control over what was happening, even though Mum’s condition was deteriorating and I knew there would be no happy ending. I also met up with other writers on a regular basis, who encouraged and…

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