Missing out on life, day by day, week by week…..

by Antonia

Tormentedangel99's Blog

All parents have their hopes and dreams for their children.  We did (do), you assume they will go to school for a start, have a decent education, make friends, have fun, create happy memories which they will look back on fondly when they are grown up and life gets a bit harder…..so when one of your children is missing out on these really important milestones….it is really hard to come to terms with.  School trips missed, charity fundraisers at school missed (which you’d looked forward to sharing with them since they started school), leavers day (dressing up & basically having a fun day with their friends) missed.  Sports tournaments, sports day (these are particularly hurtful when they’ve always exceeded in them) missed.  I would never have dreamed that I would one day be saying…..”I don’t really care about his/her education.  I just want them to be happy and enjoy life”…

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