A Mother’s Guilt

by Antonia

Nic's Natterings

I read a post the other day from another blogger who was experiencing what seasoned mothers know as Parental Guilt. Basically, no matter how good a job we’re doing we always question whether we are good enough. Well, good parents do anyway, bad parents convince themselves they’re doing their best which is the long and short of the comment I left on her post as well as letting her know that this worry does not end when our children have grown up!!

My collapsing with chest pains on Thursday (mentioned in my last post) prompted a severe episode of this parental guilt. I was trying to get my daughter’s breakfast and drink for school ready and it was a really hard job. I felt faint, was shivering and could hardly breath. Somehow, through sheer determination that my daughter would not get on her school bus without her breakfast I managed…

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