Unpaid Carers Should Be Allowed To Claim Compensation

by Antonia

Michael Lewin


Did you know that unpaid carers save health and social care around Β£120bn every year? With that said, they are still given very little in return, and have to comply with certain conditions to be eligible for a very unhelpful amount of money from the government.

The number of unpaid carers is on the rise, with a similar increase in the amount of child and teenage carers. Studies have proven that unpaid carers suffer from a deterioration in mental and physical health, isolation from the community in which they live, and a negative impact caused by the amount or hours and stress that goes into caring, upon work and finances. It is safe to say, that many carers believe their contribution goes unrecognised.

Lesley Gross, the chairman of Plymouth Carers Forum, stated that β€œsuccessive governments keep carers in poverty because they do not even give them minimum wage.” Carers also…

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