When Neighbours Become A Pain

by Antonia

Nic's Natterings

I’m the kind of person that gets on well with people from all walks of life. I’ll stop and talk to homeless people and I’ve also hobnobbed with Lords and Ladies at the House of Lords. I’ve educated myself well and have a social conscience. I’m not a violent person however, right now I want to punch my neighbour’s face in! Not literally as I’d never do that but my head wants me to or at least give her a good shake!! Let me explain…

My daughter is a wheelchair user and our house is on a sheltered circle with a path to get from the road to our all of our houses – there are only 25 houses on my road. One of my neighbours refuses to trim her hedge so that my daughter can get by in her wheelchair. Initially I approached her back in April saying “I don’t…

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