Diabetes Week| I Can| Sunday 8 – Saturday 14 June 2014

by Antonia

A couple of week ago it was Diabetes Week, during the week a lot people shared their encouraging and honest stories. Diabetes UK’s theme for this year was ‘I Can’ where people  with diabetes or carers who care for a loved one with diabetes talked about the things they can do and have overcome. You can see some of the example of people’s tweets, videos, pictures and stories down below in the slideshow and for a more please click here.

Fixing Dad – The Documentary Film
“A humorous documentary film showing one man’s physical and emotional fight against type 2 diabetes and his sons’ battle to save him. Follow our campaign and help us realise this film at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fixingdad/fixing-dad


Caring for a love one who is Diabetic?


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Please click the picture to start the risk assessment test , if you think you might have Pre-diabetes (Borderline Diabetes).  At the end of the test you can “receive a full-length report with lifestyle tips, and a letter to take to your GP if required”. This optional:) Also you’ll get a breakdown of your results, please go to your GP if you have any concerns. Click here for more information on other types of Diabetes. If you haven’t already, please check out how i raised money for Diabetes UK.


Diabetes UK


This is not a clinical test and results are only indicative