Avocado Salsa

by Antonia

Pieces In Progress


Here’s a quick summer inspired recipe! The avocado in this basic fresh salsa recipe gives it a refreshing, creamy twist. It’s perfect on seafood, wraps, with crunchy veggies, or, one of my personal favorites, on top of salad! You can add whatever spices you like, I wanted it to be mild but some cumin or even a few dashes of hot sauce would kick this recipe up another notch on the spicy scale haha.

I bought this vegetable chopper a few years ago and even though it’s a pain to clean it’s such an enormous time save/ clean up reducer that I still consider it one of the most valuable devices in my kitchen! It helps get softer foods (like tomatoes!!) evenly and easily diced. I also use it in my weekly food prep to help me save time.

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