Volunteering at the Young Carer’s Festival 2014

by Antonia

Being Bloomers

Last weekend I volunteered at the Young Carer’s Festival which is held at YMCA Fairthorne Manor in Southampton for 1500 young carers. The weekend is dedicated to the thousands of young carers out there, and is a celebration of the work that they do on a daily basis to care for those closest to them. It’s a great weekend and since leaving Fairthorne it is a weekend I had to be at. I spent my weekend helping out in the kitchen and helped to serve thousands of meals over the three day festival. Only downside to serving up all the meals to the young people was how hot it got standing behind the counter…no word of a lie, it was like standing in a sauna for hours on end. But, when you think about the reasons why you’re there, this really doesn’t matter.

Volunteering at the festival, also resulted in…

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