Affirming Progress //

by Antonia

Being a carer it seems impossible sometimes to have time to workout. But when you do get the chance even if it lasts 10 minutes it will be a rewarding achievement, doing this (if time permits) everyday will make you feel energized. Slowly but surely (with well balanced meals, check out my previous posts i’ve reblogged with healthy recipes, like this one) you will feel healthier/ lose the weight. You really need to look after yourself too, i know it’s not easy! When a carer is unwell who looks after them? Most of the time you just have to suck it up and continue your caring duties.  Also besides taking care of yourself physically you need pay attention to yourself mentally. I’ ll advice you to contact your local carers centre and see a counsellor who you can talk to about your circumstances and get things off your chest. You can also find out if they have any fitness (cardio, yoga, dance) classes you can attend, which should be free 🙂 

On the other hand you can do a mini workout session at home; FABTV on SKY (channel 282) have numerous workout shows, a workout dvd, dance/skip to 2 songs without stopping etc. On FABTV there’s a show called Chairobic  (check clip below) which is a low impact workout on a chair, which could be great for you and your love one if they have low mobility.  Look out for a post on some of my favourite workout Youtube videos.

Ps. Please see your Doctor for your loved one and yourself before starting the exercises. Let me know how you get on. Antonia x

For you & your love one:

For you:






Why is it that progress is a.) almost impossible to feel, and b.) sometimes feels like regression?

I have been so wired to believe that progress only shows itself in the physical form. When I don’t see a ‘result’, I tell myself I am failing. Sometimes, though, progress happens between our ears. (That would be in our minds). I have to remember that I am trying to repair the inside, and trusting that it will reflect on the outside, at some point in my journey. Letting go of the result has never been so scary.

Fear: That I will ‘never’ have the body I want, and that I will snowball and expand and lose ‘control’, waking up morbidly obese one morning.

Truth: all I have is today. All I can do is make healthy decisions, today. All I can do is try to love myself a little more today than…

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