We like ‘Labels’ – Living with an undiagnosed illness

by Antonia

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Living with an undiagnosed illness is extremely hard – for those with the illness and for those living with the person who has the illness.

We like ‘labels’.  Labels give us a category and help shape our understanding of a subject.  For example, the label ‘Alzheimer’s’ comes with an understanding of the symptoms and challenges involved.  Although it’s not something anyone would want, at least the label gives an understanding of what to expect, how to deal with the challenges and how to treat the problem if there is a treatment.  It also enables friends and family to be supportive and sympathetic to the challenges that are faced because there’s at least some understanding of what’s involved.

For those who are as yet undiagnosed, it’s a very different story.  There is no label that encompasses the symptoms experienced so that the patient and others can understand the struggles and why…

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