Short Film| Jude| Mental Health Awareness

by Antonia

[“Jude” is a mental health awareness film that portrays a personified representation of the psychological torment many sufferers face when dealing with depression and anxiety. Synopsis: Jude is at a crossroads. Her “friend” Darcy tries to convince her that the only way to end her suffering is to take her own life, whilst Darius desperately tries to convince her to not give up and to seek help. Jude’s fate is in her own hands and the final decision is hers…but what does she decide? Which voice does she listen to?  A film by Katrina Smith-Jackson”]

According to Mind (survey 2009)  it was estimated that 2.6 in 100 people had depression,  4.7 in 100 people had anxiety and more people had mixed anxiety and depression which resulted in 9.7 in 100 people. Do you care for someone (parent, sibling, friend, spouse) with depression or any other mental health problems? Please get in touch with Carers Trust or find your local carer centre. If you’re a young carer who cares for a loved one please contact YC NET and if you’re worried about your own state of mind, please click here.

Watch ‘Jude’ below, very intriguing!