Another day of ‘home duties’

by Antonia

Moments with Autism

OK, you know how I said in my opening that when I am asked my occupation and I say, “home duties,” some people think that means I spend my days watching TV soaps and writing romance novels, well, of course all you lot who are reading my blog know better, but I need to write this anyway, a sample of a typical day for a ‘home duties’ mum.

In the morning I had to get Liam up and to school to go on a community access day where they were to go to a movie theatre, which he was scared of doing, so I had to do lots of calm talking and tricky manoeuvres to get him there (not to mention just getting him up and ready in time to get him to school on time).

After that I did some morning emergency shopping, then I spent the morning on…

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