What to do when you wake up worrying?

by Antonia

Moments with Autism

I woke up one morning madly worried about Liam. Normally I worry in the middle of the night. I wake up – start to worry, about Liam, about Rebecca (my NT daughter), about my mum (who is ill), about money (never enough of that, of course) – and don’t get back to sleep for 2 hours or so. But then when I wake in the morning I am generally OK. I think about what I was worrying about and with the morning seratonin beaming in on me, I dismiss them. ‘we’ll get through,’ I say, with that blind optimism that humans need to survive this crazy life.

But this time I woke worrying. Why? How can I get through the day if I start off worried?

Liam is 14 and has autism. He is ‘classic’. Bonefide. He’s no aspie. He’s no ADHD kid. He’s no late talker. He’s not just…

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