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by Antonia

‘We Are Family’ was co written and executive produced by Dela Idowu, author of the book ‘More Than A Match’  (an intriguing and informative book detailing Dela and her families experiences with the process of being a potential living kidney donor and to raise more awareness in the BME (Black Minority Ethic) community where there are increased shortage of donors), a Director of Gift of Living Donation (GOLD) and a committee member of the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Kidney Patients’ Association.

Ms. Idowu was a potential living donor for her brother, Tayo who has kidney failure and in need of a transplant but she couldn’t donate her kidney because of her own health issues. The film is a great insight to what people with kidney issues face on a daily basis. According to Kidney Research UK;

[“Currently there are no cures for kidney disease, only life-extending treatments such as dialysis, where you’re attached to a machine for several hours, three or more days a week. Or a transplant, for which there’s a huge shortage of donor organs. But a transplant only lasts on average between 10-15 years before you need a new one.

More than 6,000 people, that’s around 90% of the total organ waiting list, are waiting for a kidney, yet less than 3,000 transplants are carried out each year.

3,000 people a year die while on dialysis and more than 350 people a year die while waiting for a kidney transplant, that’s one person every day. The median waiting time for a kidney on the transplant list is about 1,000 days; it is 180 for a heart transplant”.]

Are you are carer who cares for your loved one with kidney problems or thinking of donating your kidney to a loved one? You can contact Ms. Idowu and ask her any questions you may have concerning the topic on hand. When i contacted her and asked her if she had any advice for carers; who may feel worried about their decision to donate she said:

“There is a great charity called Carers UK that offers support and help to carers and also local hospitals Trusts have a patients and carers association. The oldest living donor in the UK is 70!”

According to Kidney Research UK:

“Donors have to be over 18, but there is no upper age limit.. There has even been the occasional 80 year old who has donated to a spouse or sibling that is similar in age. The decision to go ahead is dependent on being fit and healthy and having two kidneys which are working well.”

Click here for more information on being a living kidney donor. Make sure you check back to read my review on ‘We Are Family’ and ‘More Than A Match’ soon. Please purchase the DVD ‘We Are Family’ and you will get ‘More Than A Match’ for free!

[Darren Williams is a 21 year old university student with a passion for music and football. He is the youngest of three siblings and has been diagnosed with kidney failure; he faces the daunting prospect of spending years on dialysis whilst waiting for a kidney transplant. His siblings struggle with each other over whether to come forward as living kidney donors, an option which would considerably improve the quality of their brother’s life.]