Bullying | Young Carers | Young Adult Carers | Carers Trust

by Antonia

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Most students are excited and a little bit nervous when it’s time to start a new year back to school/college/university – but for young carers and young adult carers the thought of standing out from the crowd and going back to being bullied because of their caring role can be daunting. A research done by Carers Trust shows that one quarter (26%) of young adult carers aged 14-25 years old have experienced bullying at school because of their caring role. Over two thirds of young carers aged 8-16 years old say they have been bullied also.

Iona, a young adult carer aged 18 from Helensburgh was bullied at school: “The bullying started in primary school and went all the way through secondary. It was verbal not physical but it was relentless. At first, I stopped going out as much, then I stopped going out altogether. My attendance at school suffered and it affected all of my future plans. The abuse affected me mentally and I found it very difficult to cope. I felt things started to fall out of place, rather than into place for me.” Click to read more.