Creamy Banana Pie Smoothie

by Antonia

Sweet Baked Life

A pie for breakfast — I’m so there! Start your morning off on the right track with this Creamy Banana Pie Smoothie. Sipping on this goodness will surround you with a glow of sunshine and provide a great boost to the beginning your day!

Creamy Banana Pie Smoothie

Did you know that September is National Breakfast Month?

So to celebrate the most important meal of the day I’m raising my glass filled with rich, thick banana delight! And if you love banana pie, you’re sure to love this Creamy Banana Pie Smoothie. Get your blender ready to whirl some ripe banana, creamy Greek yogurt, chilled milk, tasty vanilla and cold ice. You’re boring morning routine will be turned into a pleasantly flavorful experience that you won’t mind repeating often!

For me, I always struggle with eating breakfast. I never seem to have enough time to get-it-together when it comes to eating first thing…

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