Diary Of A Bipolar Disorder

by Antonia

Dear Blog Diary

She was lost in every sense of the word. Traveling in a time that only existed in her mind. Always searching for what she’d never find. Looking for a long lost buried treasure. Searching for a diamond in the rough, herself. Everyone seemed to have found themselves, but her. Why was she here? What was her purpose? She never achieved anything worthy of praise. Yet she got to a place of desperation to find some peace of mind while her mind was in pieces. Where did all the time go? Broken mirrors showed her true reflection. She was in pieces, dyeing to be whole. Where could she turn? Where could she go? How could she lose herself? Where did she leave herself? Where could she find herself? Life felt so cold. All along there was something wrong that she couldn’t see that secretly kept her smothered in anxiety. Her story was misunderstood…

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