‘See Saw’| Autobiographical Short Film | Young Carers |Mental Health

by Antonia

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Emma Lindow produced a short drama film called ‘See Saw’, it’s based upon her experiences as a young carer for her mother with mental illness. See Saw shows the life of Alice (played by Ottilie von Henning) a young carer who cares for her mother Joyce (played by Fiona McGee) who has Bipolar. Alice is a an only child and lives with her mum, in the film it chronicles Alice’s day as a young carer from age 10, 13 & 16.

“I’m quite open about the fact the film is biographical now. I wasn’t at first, which goes to show after all this time I was feeling social stigma and embarrassment about it, but it’s important to put that out there.

“I grew up with a strange concept of what’s normal. It’s only in your teens when you become more socially aware, you start to look at other people’s parents.” – Emma Lindow

From the article from Hackney Gazette, Emma says young carers are “invisible and unsupported” and carers caring for loved ones with mental illness is “more stressful, traumatic and debilitating but no one seems to want to talk about it.”

The film which has received rave reviews, was shown at the Nightpiece Film Festival for the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 in August. The NHS and Young Minds have been using the film to train care workers and their staffs in safeguarding children of mental health service users.

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